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I’m Coral, a young(ish) and hopeful conservationist and aspiring primatologist from the UK. Currently living in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, with my partner.

In 2016 i completed my undergraduate degree in Zoo Biology at Nottingham Trent University, and 2018 i completed my masters degree in Endangered Species Recovery and Conservation again at Nottingham Trent. I currently work as a Higher Education lecturer at Bishop Burton college, teaching a variety of modules across both their animal management and conservation degree courses. I am also the chair of the colleges Research Group and the programme leader for the BSc Bioveterinary science degree.

I am a lover of all things nature and conservation, with a particular passion for primates and Madagascar. This blog is aimed to be a place for me to talk about all adventures and thoughts as i stumble my way through the world to become a conservationist.

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