Social Media Shout-out


We are currently living in crazy and scary times where in some cases peoples whole lives have been shaken and turned upside down. This is creating a lot of negativity, but i don’t want to focus on that, i want to focus on some of the positives coming out of this situation we find ourselves in. The positives i want to focus on here are all of the awesome sci-comm and education related social media accounts at the moment! The following are my current top five accounts and some of the fun content they are uploading.

1) Nature Nerd | Lucy Hodson @lucy_lapwing

I only came across Lucy Hodson and her Instagram account a few weeks ago through someone else recommending her but how glad i am that i found her! Her account is must follow for anybody interesting in wildlife, nature and conservation. She is particularly fantastic for UK based wildlife and my current favourite content from her is her #BirdSongOfTheDay, which is amazing for anyone wanting to learn the songs of some of the UK’s favourite garden birds. She also has a ‘Bit o’ Botany’ and ‘Fungi Friday’ which are great for anyone wanting to up their knowledge on UK flora and fungi species. As well as her Instagram she also has a Twitter account @Lucy_Lapwing. Definitely head over and give her a follow, you wont regret it!


2) theFUNgiguy @the.fungi.guy

Luckily i came across theFUNgiguy around the same sort of time as Lucy_lapwing. I think by far my favourite thing from him has to be his Fungi Fitness video , a definite must watch! There are not enough fungi based accounts and this one ticks all the right boxes, funny, educational and wholesome, what’s not too love!


3) Dr Isabella Clegg @thedolphindoctor

Dr Clegg and her work on animal welfare has been a favourite of mine for quite a while. Due to my fascination for dolphins from a young age, her recent content has me even more hooked on her account! Her #DailyDolphinBehaviour is a fantastic addition and a fascinating insight into dolphin behaviour and why and when different behaviours are performed. Also the Insta layouts she uses for her posts are lovely!


4) Duke Lemur Centre and @rhudsonillustration

Couldn’t leave out my favourites could i?! Duke Lemur Centre in North Carolina, US, has a #100lemurs collaboration with Rachel Hudson Illustration from the UK. The idea being that the reader will learn about a new lemur species every day for the next 100 days, learning lots of interesting facts while also getting adorable illustrations of each species. What’s not to love?!


5) Zoos!

For my last account i didn’t want to single out one specific account i wanted to highlight multiple. Since the temporary closure of zoos and wildlife park across the world there have been a massive shift to online based zoo education and outreach. Many zoos, including Twycross Zoo, are producing online learning packs/resources for schools, teachers and parents to help support home learning. Zoos have also been embracing live virtual zoo tours or animal feeding. Chester Zoo has been doing, almost weekly, virtual zoo open days where keepers from the zoo take the public on a live tour of the zoo, allowing visitors to learn behind the scenes knowledge and see the animals in a way they never have before. Head over to their website to find out when they open their virtual doors next.


These are just some of the accounts i am loving at the moment, but there are loads more! I hope you check some of these out and love them just as much as me. If you have any accounts you’re loving please do send them my way, i would love to see them!

Stay safe, till next time


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