The Zoo Scientist

Conservation in all forms are a huge passion of mine. This includes both in wild, field conservation efforts and zoo based conservation and science.  This love lead on to me completing my undergraduate degree in Zoo Biology, focusing on the role a modern day zoo plays in conservation. I then further completed by masters degree focusing on field conservation efforts for endangered species.

Anyway, moving forward to a couple of months ago i was presented with the amazing opportunity to join the growing team at The Zoo Scientist as a contributor/collaborator.

Who is The Zoo Scientist?

So, who is The Zoo Scientist? Found by Ricardo Lemos de Figueiredo, a PhD student at University of Birmingham, investigating captive parrot behavioural ecology (Find out more here). The Zoo Scientist Facebook page was set up in 2015 with an aim to share resources and information on zoo conservation, research and education. The page grew quickly and soon expanded into a website, aiming to reach zoos, zoo associations, zoo/conservation professionals and the general all over the world.

Currently the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages actively share the latest zoo news, along with zoo science articles, and weekly ‘zoo memes’ highlighting key articles. As well as zoo based job vacancies, events and PhD opportunities.  Further to this ‘The Zoo Scientist’ has a frequently updated website, sharing all of the same updates as the Facebook page but with the addition of a few extra sections.  Including a blog, links to scientific papers, animal training resources, job advertisements and information on various zoo based university courses, including undergraduate and postgraduate study.

Behind the scenes at The Zoo Scientist works an awesomely dedicated team of four people, including myself and our founder Ricardo, along with Erica Rebelo, a veterinary medicine student from Portugal, and David Couto, a keen traveller who has volunteered all over the world. All of us owe a lot to zoos in various different ways and are really keen to share the amazing work they carry out on a day to day basis, contributing to science, education and conservation on a global scale.

If you haven’t already i highly recommend heading over to our website or our social media to give us a like/follow. All the links below!


This was just a quick post just to let you a little bit about one of the many exciting things i am a part of. Any questions please ask away in the comment section below.

Till next time


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